LEFEET SEAGULL C1 - Most Versatile Modular Water Scooter

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Multiple Functions

Modular Design

With its compact and user-friendly modular design, it offers a seamless experience.

The dual-motor system ensures stability and effortless operation, making it ideal for scuba diving, free diving, snorkeling, and swimming.

Standard Mode

LEFEET C1 boasts two powerful motors, providing impressive underwater thrust.

With the inclusion of two speed gears, LEFEET C1 enables you to switch between speeds of 1.3m/s and 1.6m/s, ideal for exploring depths of up to 30 meters beneath the surface.

Fizzyfloat Unicorn

Create unforgettable family summer memories with bonding, outings, and pool parties.

When the unicorn meets LEFEET C1, an enchanting beauty comes to life.

Get ready to elevate your summer experience with Fizzyfloat Unicorn, the perfect choice for endless fun in the sun!


Enables the whole family to indulge in aquatic activities while still retaining the professional functionality needed to explore the ocean.

Whether you're a seasoned swimmer or just starting out, this innovative mode ensures that everyone can relish a remarkable water experience.

Why Do You Need A Water Scooter?

Hands-on Review

User Feedback

This underwater electric scooter is a real blast. It works just like you think it does.

You really feel like you're a fish with this underwater scooter, and I'm incredibly impressed with the battery power.

This water scooter is going to provide a lot of fun this summer.

It's going to make the entire experience so much better. It is very small and compact and will pack away very easily in your checked luggage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Mr. Sold

The C1 Underwater Scooter is a game-changer for underwater exploration enthusiasts. With dual motors providing a max 60-minute battery life, an action camera mount, and IPX8 waterproofing up to 100 feet, this scooter offers an exhilarating and immersive experience beneath the waves. Its durable build and impressive features make it a must-have for adventurers looking to capture stunning underwater moments.

Jason R

I've had a chance to use a few of these recreational underwater scooters recently, and Lefeet has already emerged as my favorite. A lot of the scooters use single motors in a torpedo style, which works well enough but is a little unwieldy to use at full speed. The ergonomics of Lefeet's scooter, particularly the dual motor, dual handle "manta ray" style setup, are outstanding and so easy to use.

I also like that Lefeet's scooter uses a large capacity, removable battery -- rather than a fixed type battery with a built-in charger. This means I can potentially get backup batteries to have on hand and easily swap them into my Lefeet scooter.

Lefeet also has some awesome accessories that can be swapped onto the scooter easily. We're presently testing a kickboard that snaps to the top of the scooter that is awesome for younger users as it floats on the surface of the water. I love the integrated camera mount as well.

About the only improvement I could think of would be that it would be very cool if the left and right turbines could be run independently, which in theory might make turning and maneuvering more responsive. However this is just a "future dream" and doesn't detract from what a great underwater scooter this is overall.


I saw this and thought that there'd be no way this would last an hour but it actually lasted longer! I charged it up and handed it to two 14 year old boys in the pool. They played with it an entire hour and then came inside and the battery wasn't dead! I assume it was close but it was still running! The few times I was out there watching them they had it on high speed.

If you kick your feet while it's on then it'll go faster. With a little kicking the kids really were rocketing across the pool. If you just let it drag you and you go fully straight so you're streamlined it still moves pretty good. If you arch upwards to keep your head above water it does add more drag and will slow you down.

I really didn't expect the battery to last an hour. Very pleased with that.
I am pleased with the performance but I have no way to accurately judge the 1.3 to 1.6 meters per second claim. 1.6 meters per second is 3.5mph and that seems close. Overall rather impressed.

Things to know, it will sink if you let it go so wear the included wrist strap. Be careful if you have strings attached to you and are doing maneuvers in the pool. The string can slip through the cage and get into the prop. I had to unwind it manually with my pocket knife.

This is also not a variable speed trigger. You must pull both triggers and they are either on or off. The knob turns on the power and sets it to low performance or high performance.

J. Carrier

This LEFEET C1 Underwater Scooter is a wonderful addition to watersports, especially for snorkeling and diving. It is quite a powerhouse, pulling a SCUBA-tank loaded diver at an acceptable speed. While not fast enough to cause a facemask to be torn away, it can compete with any snorkeler without a scooter. The safety systems are adequate with protective cages around the twin propellers and double hand switches that immediately stop the scooter when not engaged. A great safety mechanism, but it does mean that the scooter comes to a stop when one hand is removed to equalize pressure for example, though that is only a minor annoyance. The scooter has two speeds and is remarkably and deceptably powerful for such a small machine.

Assembly is intuitive, though the instructions are actually clear and concise. The manufacturer really wants the owner to take care of the machine following its use and requires multiple soaks in freshwater; a good strategy for such equipment (like camera housings, etc.). The battery compartment seems to seal well. I have not yet drained the battery and I'll be anxious to see if the ambitious one-hour life expectancy is real.


A lot of underwater scooters do about the same thing, what differentiates this one, aside from the compact and cool design is the battery life. It lasts under rigorous use. Quality is excellent, speed for kids is safe, adults won't be moving very fast with it. Battery needs to be removed to charge and is sealed tight in a waterproof compartment. Easy to turn on and off, fun to use. Won't work unless both triggers are pushed, so no one handing it.