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Multiple Functions

The World'S First Modular Water Scooter

Our modular design allows you to mix and match parts and accessories for versatile uses, such as mounting on scuba tank, attaching to legs, and motorizing paddle boards.

Standard Mode

Experience the perfect balance of grace and power, ensuring every dive is as memorable as it is effortless.

Leg Mount

The Leg Mount is a specially designed to attach two LEFEET S1 PRO units to your legs. It offers a hands-free experience, giving you the freedom to dive.

Tank Mount

The Tank Mount is an accessory that allows you to secure one or two LEFEET S1 PRO unit to your diving tank. Let the power and your diving equipment archive an unprecedented integration and enjoy a comfortable diving experience.

SUP Mount

The SUP Mount is designed to attach the LEFEET S1 PRO unit to your stand-up paddleboard (SUP). This allows you to enjoy the benefits of propulsion while paddleboarding.

Floating Fins

Floating Fins is specifically designed to help maintain the desired neutral buoyancy of the LEFEET S1 PRO unit.

Dual Rail Kit

The Dual Rail Kit is designed to securely hold two LEFEET S1 PRO units. It provides a convenient and stable mounting solution for users who require multiple S1 PRO units for different activities.

Single Hand Rail Kit

The Single Hand Rail Kit allows you to hold the LEFEET S1 PRO unit with a single hand. Free you with one hand to do equalization when freediving or photographing.

What's Inside The Box

Why Do You Need A Water Scooter?

Hands-on Review

User Feedback

The smallest underwater scooter in the world is finally here!

The horsepower in the water is real; I dragged 8 adult men with two units!

This product has me moving through the ocean like a merman.

Would definitely recommend to anyone would likes spending time in the water!

Power is exceptional and nice build quality.

Free your hands, enjoy the time with LEFEET!

It makes my diving trip very enjoyable. I recommend everyone to buy it.

This is a very clever invention, which reminds me of rockets, hahaha!

Customer Reviews

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Carlos A. Leroux

Very light, compact, easy to use, easy to maintain.
Replaceable battery.
Must parts are available online.
Variety of accesories to wear it on your hips, attach to scuba tanks and surfboards. You can also attach two S1 with an available bracket.


This single person propulsion device is packaged like an Apple product and honestly has similar build quality. Franky I expect it at the price they are sold at. This kit includes a single motor with dual handles. You have the ability to mount an action camera to the top and adjust the overall speed with a hand trigger. The battery is removable for charging with the included charging adapter. It is largely metal construction which conveys the quality. It has a forty meter depth operation range but can be used in much shallower waters to assist with propulsion. Great for easy relaxing dives so you don't need to worry about fin propulsion.

Karl Rennard

This water scooter is phenomenal. I’m a 235 pound male who is classified as “negatively buoyant” & this this thing got me moving thru the water like a dolphin & that’s just with the one motor setup. I already purchased an extra battery & the dual motor handle. Just waiting to pull the trigger on the 2nd motor. Once I get two motors running I’ll definitely stay at the beach when the weather permits. I highly recommend this unit for recreational or professional use. Great job Lefeet💪🏾

Noah Brauer

I used this product on a trip to Virgin Gorda. It was very easy to pack in my checked bag, I could have put it in my carry-on. The scooter functioned flawlessly while on the trip. It was easy to assemble, the controls are easy to use. I packed it in pieces and put it together when I got there. the three speeds are nice. I ended up buying the extra battery, but I probably didn't need it. We were out free diving for three or four hours, and I would just use it to boost my swimming from time to time, and the battery lasted the whole time. I am a big guy, 6'8" and 275. This scooter did not drag me through the water at a high speed like the giant ones do in the videos with little kids. I guess, but it was a great assist, and I am a really buoyant guy, and it helped me get down deep in the water. It was able to pull me through the water under its own power, without me assisting at all. This was especially helpful in really shallow water over top of reefs, because I could just make myself float really well and let it pull me through. It seems to be really really well-made, and I felt like friggin James Bond zipping around the ocean.


I've been having Lefeet for about 2 years now, and it has changed my snorkeling and diving experience but don't buy the single unit unless it's for a kid or something, you buy the 2 in 1 and I don't think it's on Amazon? but this is the real deal, from my homework there are 2 high-end travel underwater scooters, Lefeet and ScubaJet. one unit of ScubaJet is as powerful as 2 Lefeet units but since I've tried both, dual Lefeet wins. Wreck diving is a whole different world with underwater scooter, if you are traveling, either Lefeet or Scubajet.