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The Most Versatile Water Scooter


Innovative Modular Design

LEFEET P1 has redefined underwater mobility. The innovative modular design enhances convenience, simplifies operation, and provides greater adaptability for underwater enthusiasts and professionals.

Compact Yet Powerful

With weight of 5 pounds, LEFEET P1 will unleash its full potential as it propels you through the underwater adventure at an incredible speed of up to 2.3 meters per second or 5.1 miles per hour, providing an exciting and unparalleled underwater experience for users.

Catering For All Your Needs

Discover a revolutionary underwater adventure with LEFEET P1. Experience a new era of underwater exploration with the LEFEET P1 – a next-generation water scooter that surpasses all expectations. The LEFEET P1 is designed to be versatile and innovative, introducing a range of modes that will redefine your underwater experience.

Built like a Tank

LEFEET P1 features a sturdy frame made of high-strength composite material, which provides excellent structural integrity while maintaining agility underwater due to its lightweight design.

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Now live on Kickstarter

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